I have been in tourism for over two decades both as a travel agent, and in working with regional tourism. Travelling can be a scary, daunting prospect but I'm here to help you with my experience, and with all the little tips and tricks that can turn an ordinary vacation into a lifetime memory you will cherish. My main goal as a travel agent with TravelOnly is to ensure that you have a safe trip with as few hiccups as possible. Whatever your style of travel I can help get you there. As for me? I love cruises, theme parks and Hawaii. I like having everything handled when I travel so I especially love cruises for that. I'm a lifelong Disney fan so I will always have a soft spot for travelling to theme parks. And of course, one of my favourite destinations? Hawaii. I love everything about the islands, from the food, to the climate to the incredibly welcoming people that live there. Where would you like to go? Please message me and let me help get you to places around the world to relax you, invigorate you, and inspire you.